January Daily Math Lessons

Learning and retention is enhanced through active experience. By holding and manipulating a 3D object students can gain insight into spatial and physical concepts that may not be clear or are difficult to either visualize or understand abstractly. While virtual simulations are becoming more and more prevalent, physical models are effective because they can be held and examined.

3D printers allow teachers and students to produce and share models across many disciplines. If you are not interested in creating 3D forms yourself, be aware that often models already exist and can be downloaded and printed to help demonstrate concepts in:
  • biomechanics —finger and knee joints, tendon extensor mechanisms
  • biology —folded proteins, demonstrating docking geometries
  • aeronautics —wing shapes, wind-tunnel models
  • math —3D fractals, knots, polytopes, manifolds, regular polygons
  • art — sculpture, objects of antiquity
January Daily Math Lessons will provide you with assignments you can use in your own classroom. Some are quick lessons, while others are more extensive and will need several class periods to complete.

From January 7 until the January 31 , you will find a new web page that features the day's math lesson plan. Read through and modify the lesson to suit your needs, and then have your students upload the models they make to Thingiverse .

Check back here each week day in January for the day's lesson!

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