Face It

Set Up

MARIUS WATZ is an artist working with code to explore virtual spaces defined by rule-based systems. He currently splits his time between Brooklyn, New York and Oslo, Norway.

    1. Download the latest version of Processing

    2. On a Mac drag the Processing Icon into your applications folder

    3. Open Processing, then open Preferences

    4. Make a note of where your sketchbook lives:

    5. Download the latest version of ModelBuilder

    6. Download the latest version of ControlP5

    7. Navigate to your Sketchbook location

    8. If you do not already have a libraries folder in the directory, create one.

    9. Move both the ModelBuilder and the ControlP5 folders into the libraries folder.

    10. If Processing is open, close it and restart the application.

    11. Open the examples

    12. Open modelbuilder

    13. Select gui_heightfield

    14. Test the sketch

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